The real story is that we make everything ourselves.  It is our sewing machine.   It is our store.  It is our brand.  In fact, we even wrote this.

The inspiration for CADET comes from post-war military academies where there was a focus on precision, clean lines and a crisp aesthetic.  Using carefully selected fabrics, our own custom colors and an attention to fit and construction (both inside and out), we hope to give our customers a timeless, quality garment.

Our garments are made in the USA by our own CADET factory in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We searched for the best tailors in NYC and brought them onboard.  We are able to insure the quality of the fabric, thread, buttons and craftsmanship are maintained - under our direction.  

CADET was started by Raul Arevalo and Brad Schmidt.  Raul graduated from FIT with a degree in men’s tailoring and won the Chairman’s Award for best men’s collection in 1995 and went on to head Technical Design departments for several large retailers in the US. Brad hasn’t worked in fashion, but he has successfully run an online retail business for 6 years and is in charge of typing this up. We live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with our dog Otto.


The guys behind the brand:

Raul Arevalo: CEO – Chief Everything Officer

Born in Mexico City, Raul moved to Chicago at age 10.  He studied menswear design at F.I.T in New York City graduating in 1995 after winning the Chairman’s Award for best menswear collection. 

Recruited by Abercrombie and Fitch, Raul started his career in Technical Design. He went on to transform the fit and construction of men’s, women’s and children’s apparel for Target, Nordstrom, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Steve and Barry’s, Converse and, most recently, Club Monaco.  He also worked closely with celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker on the development of her fashion line, and Venus Williams on the production of her on-court tennis dresses.  

Raul is a master tailor and is able to transform not only individual garments, but an entire company’s position in the market by perfecting fit across all apparel categories.    He has brought this expertise as co-founder of CADET in designing and developing a menswear collection that adheres to his strict fit philosophy of balance, construction and quality. 

Raul can’t pass up cookies and milk and loves HGTV.  He lives with Brad Schmidt and their dog Otto in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Brad Schmidt: CEO – Chief Everything Officer

Originally from Seattle, Brad worked at GE Healthcare for 14 years as a technology integration consultant. Over the years, Brad helped develop and implement sustainable and scalable infrastructure strategies of healthcare systems for many of the largest hospital networks in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. During this time, Brad also managed a successful high-end online apparel and accessories store.

As co-CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of CADET, Brad manages the retail operations, PR and marketing strategies and contributes to the production side through sourcing, production planning and business development (e.g. custom apparel projects, product development, 3rd party production).

He has an unhealthy obsession with BRAVO, frequent flyer status and gummi bears. He lives with Raul Arevalo and Otto in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.